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The old safehooks site had a guestbook for a while, that is, until we had to disable it due to comment spam. I'm putting them here so they aren't lost forever.

My horrifying experience started on May 10, 2004 while shopping at Value Village. Our 4 year old daughter stumbled and fell on to one of these gridwall hooks. The hook went up under her eyelid and behind her eye hooking in. Nothing can explain the fear of seeing this nine inch hook protruding from my little girls head. We do not know what permanent damage has been done till May 17 when we go back to the eye specialist. I am in utter amazement to hear so many horrible incidents. Something has to be done to protect our children.
Chris and Sheila Henricks <csnowdogs@rogers.com>
London, ON Canada - Monday, May 17, 2004 at 11:23:39 (CDT)

I have a 4 1/2 year old son who recently suffered an eye injury from these unsafe hooks. The hook damaged his optic nerve and he has permanent loss of sight in his right eye and still shows signs of bruising a month and a half later.
I would appreciate hearing from anyone who can either give me more information about this or to let me know how I can help out so no more children are injured by these hooks.
The price our children are paying far outweighs any expense a store would pay to update to safer hooks.

Shannon <shanip@sympatico.ca>
Beamsville, Ont Canada - Monday, May 03, 2004 at 10:40:29 (CDT)

Boycott stores that are continuing to use unsafe hooks. After visiting our local Claire's store I was disgusted at the level of danger in the store.
Don Campbell <sjc2@rogers.com>
Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada - Friday, March 05, 2004 at 20:38:27 (CST)

I am Brad McRae's daughter! this happend to me when I was 18 months old. during a project i stumbled into this site. I'm now 13 years old( 14 in may) and my sight is fine ! Thanks to the IWK childrens hospital I thought it would be neat to sign. So if you have any questions e mail me. I'll do what ever I can to stop other children getting injured by these hooks.
katie mcrae
halifax, ns Canada - Wednesday, February 18, 2004 at 10:47:40 (CST)

I'm an attorney representing a client who sustained a very similar display hook injury and am very interested in getting some information about dangerous hooks. If anyone can help please contact me.
thank you.

Elliott <elliottcin@yahoo.com>
Houston, TX USA - Thursday, January 22, 2004 at 23:01:18 (CST)

The guestbook is back after a long hiatus. It is hard for people to let me know if the guestbook is broken if the guestbook is broken :-)
Scott Cain <scain@safehooks.org>
Medina, OH USA - Tuesday, July 29, 2003 at 23:28:19 (CDT)

I hope Maddie is doing well and max too. I miss you all. Thanks for trying to keep the kids safe.:) Hope that you guys had a merry merry christmas!
with love

Clare V. <sickchic9@hotmail.com>
San Diego, CA - December 27, 2002

Ange, the site is great. Please give Max and Maddie big hugs for me! I will hopefully be in Ohio this spring.
San Diego, CA - December 26, 2002

Thank you for all your efforts to make children safe. Any cause in the name of children is a noble one. Thank you also for brining this matter to my attention. My heart goes out to Madison, and I am so glad that she is fully recovered.
Heather <savvy445@aol.com>
Chester, VA - December 6, 2002

Hey Melody, I have nothing against children. I just think that Parents of children should take responsibility for their children's well being. The hooks in question are very commonly used. To put stores on a blacklist because they use them is not right.
Earth - December 5, 2002

I was sorry to hear of your daughter's accident. I am a grandmother of 5 and would do anything to keep these precious children from being hurt. I will bring attention to stores who have not got the safe hooks. After a while if the stores have not replaced the hooks I will let the managers know why I will no longer be giving them my business.
Sue M <teacup216@adelphia.net>
Macedonia, Ohio - December 5, 2002

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I am so sad for beautiful Madison, I hope she has fully recovered. I will be more vigilant when I am out shopping and speak up if I see unsafe hooks or displays of merchandise.

Sincerely, Regina

December 4, 2002

Thank you for speaking up for the children! As adults we are in a different perspective height-wise...dangers are lurking below us that children are prone to. I applaud you empowering people to make stores safer for everyone. And to the "William" who thinks he knows everything about children. bah-humbug. He probably owns a store with unsafe hooks in them!
Melody <Mama2Levi@thebiddles.net>
Indianapolis, Indiana - December 5, 2002

We are thinking of you . We are so glad Madison is okay and that she has
such caring parents by her side. We miss you!

Jim, Maritza and Danielle
San Diego, CA - December 4, 2002

I agree with you. All the unsafe hooks should be up high for only adults to reach. Toddlers need to have the lower areas of the store safe. I am sorry your daughter had to suffer such an injury. Thank you for your research on this and the nice website.

December 4, 2002

Hi my name is Shane i saw your website on Fox 8 News tongith at 10. I didn't know how dangerous those hooks could be i am very happy your daughter is doing well. I am nto a parent but i am a teenager (14) and i will tell managers at stores i see with no safehooks o change them. Well i wish you guys luck with your daughter if u guys want please please e mail at smn2007@yahoo.com just to let me knwo u have read this 6thanks very much bye
Shane <SMN2007@yahoo.com>
Akron, OH - December 4, 2002

I am very sorry that you and your family had to go through this. However, the single prong hooks have a purpose. Tools with only small holes drilled in the handles for hanging can only be displayed on the single prong hooks.

You can not declare war on these hooks. They are simple devices used to hold products for sale. Their purpose is not to hurt children and that is an unfortunate thing to happen, but please, many things are dangerous when you slam your head in to it.

Cleveland - December 4, 2002

Hello...I saw this website on Fox 8 News. I was Outraged by how dangerous these hooks could be! Im Not a parent Im only a teenager but i know that I will be checking to see if hooks are safe or not from now on. For when I have kids when I get older I want them to be safe in every store they go in!
Melissa M. <Tiggercheerbabe@netscape.net>
Seven Hills, OH - December 4, 2002

I wish you all success in your endeavor and will definitely bring this issue to the attention of management for any stores I come across in South Africa. As the father of 2 very precious boys I can only guess at the trauma that you and your wife went through during this ordeal, not to mention Madison and her brother. I do suspect though that as soon as I really start taking notice of unsafe practices in stores I will be horrified as just how unsafe these places are, and all for a few cost savings!

I am a Fellow PerlMonk.

South Africa - November 28, 2002

My name is Jennifer Haynes, and I'm a story researcher with a Canadian consumer affairs program called Marketplace. I was refered to your website by Dr. Brad McRae, who is the subject of a piece we'll be running soon on dangerous display hooks in stores.
I would like very much to talk to you about your experience with these hooks. Can you please tell me your number? Or if you would prefer to call me, I'm at xxx-xxx-xxxx.


Jennifer Haynes <jennifer_haynes@cbc.ca>
Canada - November 28, 2002

This is the first message in our guestbook. We feel very strongly about this issue and hope you do too.
Scott Cain <scain@safehooks.org>
Seven Hills, OH - November 24, 2002